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Monday, October 29, 2018

Blogging Advice: Using a Content Planner

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I love blogging. I've been doing it since 2002 when I had a LiveJournal. So that means that I've occasionally found myself reading blogs about blogging when I want to step up my game or learn to do something else I've seen other blogs doing. And one piece of advice I came across that I really loved was having a content planner.

It almost seems obvious, but it's not one of those things people really think of. I think most planners would do, but I use The Happy Planner.

Here's a sneak peak of my November.
I think Google Calendar is a great option for those who like technology that can sync everywhere. That is even beneficial over the handwritten calendars - and I do use Google Calendar for my appointments. I also use it to manage the schedule of every single coworker I have in my office - I don't exactly want to use it for something I'm doing for fun. And I think The Happy Planner is so much fun.

I have complaints. While they have blank calendar pages you can add to expand your planner, they don't sell regular calendar pages so you can reuse the same planner year after year, even though it's totally designed so that you could do that if you had the pages.

But it does come with expansion packs, which is a thing you usually associate with video games. For my 2019 planner, I decided I also wanted a productivtiy pack.

Stickers, sticky notes, and cardstock - oh my!
What I like about these planners, as well, is that it has the whole calendar laid out for the month with pretty big squares to write events in. It also has separate sections for you to keep birthdays, goals, etc so that you only have to use the calendar to keep track of your content. And then, there's the laid out week pages.

A week from my 2019 calendar.

There is so much space to write down what you want to plan each day! In fact, for my 10 80s Movies Every Millennial Should See post, I had written the entire list in the planner on the day I had planned on releasing it.

But that's what works for me. Maybe that won't work for you. Any planner that works for you should be the one you use, whether it's a digital calendar, pages you printed off the Internet, or a spreadsheet you made. The important thing is that you can use it to plan your content.

So, why do you need a content planner? I'm over here getting hot and heavy over about content planners and I'm not even explaining why they're so wonderful.

Do you really want to pull content out of your ass every time you post? This blog is young, so yeah, I've totally done it. I bet you can even tell which entries I did. But then I do have ideas, so I write them down in the planner where I think it would make sense to post it. For example, I decided that I wanted to compare Sabrinas to commemorate The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina coming out on Netflix - and I wrote down when I wanted it to come out, and when I should watch the original Sabrina so the episode would be fresh in my mind when I watched the new one.

I decided that I want to showcase different Millennials who are popular with the media as a way to remind people we don't all suck, so I've been writing down their birthdays so I can plan entries around that. I'm also writing down the release dates of reboots for the same reason. It helps keep me on track, and I don't feel so flustered or rushed to come up with ideas.

Do you blog, and do you use a content planner? What's your favorite planner? Or do you prefer to wing it? Let me know in the comments!


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