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Friday, November 30, 2018

Podcast Plans

I was going to write another update about my MOOC progress, but the third class didn't really offer enough variety for me to write anything original. But I decided to talk about what I did decide I want to do, podcast-wise. This isn't a commitment, it's just an idea I'm throwing around.

I want to do a video podcast where I drink coffee and talk about unsolved mysteries. I grew up with true crime, but I don't really have a want to do a full on committed investigation. I just want to be, "this is the evidence that exists, this is the stuff people have contributed, these are some possible conclusions." I want to inspire the real investigators. The coffee is an important part of it. I'm no Robert Stack. I want it to be a casual conversation. I want to figure out potential guests who can also contribute research to the conversation. I already have thought of a few mysteries I want to delve into.

I just don't have any guests to start with because I don't know anyone who wants to be a part of a podcast for any reason, and I don't know how into it people would be. It makes me nervous.

Also, tomorrow I'm doing Twitter accounts to follow in December, but I also have to go to the DMV, so it might be late. Like, two entries on Sunday late. You know how DMVs can be.

Anyway, would you be into casual conversation about unsolved mysteries? Do you drink coffee? Let me know!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Millennial Murder Files: Sex and Dating

This one is not getting a cover image.

I have a Google alert set for "millennials killed." It lets me know what I'm going to be blamed for by Boomers on Facebook. Very recently, two very related topics landed in my inbox.

Millennials have murdered sex and dating.

I mean, I don't know how that's inherently true - we already have kids. Generation Alpha. But let's get into this.

So there is a survey Tinder did that apparently says Millennials date less, but I'm not paying USA Today $10 for that link. Like, no, I get you should pay for news, but USA Today is literally a newspaper that comes inside another newspaper. But I did find another article that kind of makes my argument for me. Millennials did not kill traditional dating. We're just making it sweat.

But what about sex? From my point of view, Millennials absolutely did not kill that. American Pie is a Millennial movie - even though all the actors are Gen X.  Well, according to one article I found, Tinder could be to blame. People are just swiping past pictures they don't like, according to this article. I'm going to say no on that. I swipe past people who don't have profiles, admit they're only in it for a hookup, or live too far away. I'm willing to look past looks.

But let's say Tinder is to blame for both things. They made hook-ups so easy, people don't need to date, but since they're picture based, some people are getting left out on the whole sex thing. Tinder is not a Millennial. It is a company. A corporation ruined dating and sex, not Millennials.

But, again, we are actually having children, so saying both things are dead is quite inaccurate.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Hobby Highlight: Wax Seals

I have already talked about how Millennials can actually save the post office, even though the post office isn't exactly helping themselves - it's been 33 days and there are more horror stories. But one thing that can make letter writing fun is wax seals.

I do it. It makes getting the mail so much more fun for the recipient. I made a video on YouTube for my three viewers, but I also forgot I was working with fire, so it was a disaster:

This video is at 4 times speed. Melting wax can take a long time, but let me explain what I'm doing in here.

I use a napkin to hold the spoon because the spoon is metal, and metal gets very, very hot. I also keep other napkins around to set down the spoon and also clean it out as soon as I'm done using it - even though you don't have to. It can mix with the wax you add next time to make something beautiful.

I've also gotten more seal stamps since this video. I don't know. I just think it's a great and fun hobby.

What hobby's do you have? Would you be excited to get a letter with a wax seal on it?

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

What I'm Reading in November 2018

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I have always been thirsty for words. My mom says that I taught myself to read before I even started kindergarten. If I'm not reading something, I'm either busy or in a mood. And I don't know that I will do this every month, but I do want to share what I'm reading this month.

1. Things I Can't Explain: A Clarissa Novel by Mitchell Kriegman

I'm kind of just always re-reading Things I Can't Explain. The one thing that was really hard for me to get over was that as a kid, I was 7 years younger than Clarissa, but when this book came out, I was 7 years older. But I watched Clarissa Explains It All as a child, wishing I could grow up to be just as cool as Clarissa - and then she grew up to be just like me. Unemployed, not knowing how to tell your parents how bad everything really is - okay, my brother was never in prison. I'm just in awe that you can grow up wanting to be just like someone, and then finding out as an adult that you are not that different from them at all.

2. The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris

I'm obsessed with magic and Neil Patrick Harris, so when I heard he was writing a book series that featured magic, I was like, yes please. There's two in the series right now, but I'm still working on the first one. It reminds me of A Series of Unfortunate Events if ASoUE had any optimism. Also, it's a middle grade book that just effortlessly has a loving gay couple raising a child together. These kinds of books didn't really exist when I was a kid, so I'm in awe that they do now. I'm just falling in love with the series.

3. Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown

Back in 2008, when I muttered to myself that I had read all the books, I corrected myself. "That is inherently untrue," I said to myself. "You have watched a lot of movies and TV shows that you have not read the source material to." So there, in 2008, I made a vow to read every movie and TV show I watched. Fast forward to 2018, when Legally Blonde is a free movie on YouTube, and I notice for the first time ever that it was based on a novel. "Well," I said, "I have to read that." I immediately bought it and I'm about halfway through the book. I'm still unsure which I like better, the book or the movie - but there are some very clear differences.

Are you readers? What are you currently reading? Let me know!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Why is Cyber Monday Better than Black Friday

Okay, so Cyber Monday is meaningless and Black Friday is dying, but there is still a very important reason that Cyber Monday is better.

Less people die.

Since its inception, I've checked out the Black Friday Death Count, because people are insane. The first death counted didn't happen until 2008, but quite a few people have also been injured in Black Friday incidents. A few have happened where I live. It's scary dangerous. In fact, this year there were three shootings and a stabbing.

Meanwhile, Cyber Monday Death Count, which is not affiliated with the Black Friday Death Count, reminds us that there have been 0 deaths and 0 injuries related to Cyber Monday deals.

Deals online are just as good. It's not worth your life to get a discount TV. Participate in Cyber Monday.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

How True is the Target Meme?

We've all seen the meme. It's super relatable. No matter what you go into Target for, you leave with half the store.

But, how true is the meme, really?

Very true, actually. According to Refinery 29, it's called The Target Effect, and apparently, Target is really, really good at cross-selling you items. The store is designed to be a trap.

But I beat the system. I went to Target, and I bought only one thing.

It was toilet paper, and I feel like I graduated adulting school.

I walked around the entire store, because it's Target. If you don't browse, you risk raising people's alarm - especially if you act rushed. I passed a ton of things I really wanted - like the Hasbro parody games Sorry, Not Sorry; Clue: Lost in Las Vegas Edition; and Botched Operation. I passed books, I passed movies, I passed planners and pens... Then, finally, I selected the toilet paper of my needs, passed the planners again - home office is right across from the toilet paper - and then I checked out and left with just toilet paper.

Target is out to get your money, but it can be beaten with a lot of discipline, and also remembering how many times you've already maxed out your Red card. You only need to do it twice before you really commit to being more careful.

What is the least amount of items you've left Target with? Do you relate to the Target meme, or is it just silly to you? Let me know!

Also, let me share with you this article about funny Target memes, for you to browse if you want.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

MST3K: The Gauntlet

I promised that I did not get drunk and just decide to not watch Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet, and that was accurate. I attempted it.

And I'm not sure if I won or lost.

I made it through the entire 8 hours and 9 minutes. From 10:01 am to 6:10 pm, I was watching The Gauntlet, only taking breaks during the 4 minute end credits.

But I think a part of me died. And it died during Mac and Me.

I took minutes like a gosh darn secretary during the entire marathon. Not to share them with you guys in detail. You don't need to know everything. I just knew my brain would go so numb, I would literally forget half of the movies. And that's true. Mere minutes after the marathon, I couldn't tell you what I watched that wasn't Mac and Me, Killer Fish, or Ator.

Taking minutes, though, tracked my own spiral into insanity.

But before I get into that, let me explain that all my breaks were during the 4 minutes that the end credits ran. All of them. My bathroom breaks, making food and/or coffee breaks, or even doing the adulting things I needed to do like take out the trash and empty, load, and run the dishwasher was done during the 4 minute breaks. You can do a lot in 20 minutes, apparently.

So, the first movie was Mac and Me. According to the minutes I kept, I was watching this from 10:01 am until the credits started at 11:20 am. At 10:09 am, I wrote, "already questioning my life decisions," followed three minutes later at 10:12 am with, "everyone who has managed to make it past the first 5 minutes of Mac and Me deserves a medal." And I stand by that. Brian Thompson, you sat through that movie for your Investigative Journalism Program (IJP) "Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald's," and you haven't won enough Pulitzers for that.

Oh, so I took a picture of every movie I feel like to prove that I was watching it, but I have no intention of sharing them because I took a picture of my TV. It's grainy and gross. But I do need to share a picture from Mac and Me because I have feelings.

Younger Gen X and Older Millennials remember birthday parties at McDonald's.
Okay, so Mac and Me came out in 1988, which is kind of like the height of being able to have your birthday party at McDonald's. I went to one in early 1989, for the other Amanda in my kindergarten class. I don't remember all the random dancers, but I do remember Ronald McDonald really did come to the birthday parties. That was 100% accurate.

Mac and Me was emotionally scarring. It wasn't a great start. They tried to kill a handicapped kid like 1000 times. It was emotionally draining, and it was the first movie.

From 11:24 am until 12:40 pm, I was held captive by Atlantic Rim. I wasn't captivated by it. I was participating in The Gauntlet, which meant I was stuck there. My living room was the new Satellite of Love.  Anyway, the one thing that really, really bugged me about Atlantic Rim - well, everything did - but the one thing that stood out was how many women I was expected to believe had leadership roles in this movie. Like, one oil rig only had one guy on it. It was so outlandish, that you can't even appreciate the inclusivity - you're just like, "oh... they gave no cares." I did have some observations here, like the Admiral gave a weird YouTube shout out early into the movie, but by the end I decided that he was an old Millennial, because this movie clearly took place in the future. Like, clearly. They were fighting monsters in robot suits.

Then, from 12:44 pm until 1:59 pm, I was stuck watching Lords of the Deep. Even in my notes, it's clear that I had absolutely no idea what was going on, except that Terri from "Three's Company" spent a significant part of the movie tripping balls. I also wrote, "I don't think someone who keeps tripping should trust it when they see a dead person," and you know what, that's valid. How can you possibly know what's real at that point? Also, it was that kind of movie. That's why even as I was watching it, I was severely confused.

From 2:03 pm until 3:22 pm, I was tuned into The Day Time Stopped. At this point, I was like this was a real mixed bag of alien movies. I also have notes like, "I am seriously concerned for Jenny," "Jenny is possessed," and "I would not trust a vortex person," so there was a lot going on there. But, the end of the episode had Dr. Laurence Erhardt, one of the original mads! That was exciting and fun and basically saved my life 2/3rds of the way through The Gauntlet.

Even though, at this point, I did notice my roommate's dog was trying to escape the television and life.

He never sleeps like this.
Poor puppy.

From 3:28 pm until 4:43 pm, I was watching Killer Fish. At this point, I realized the MST3K theme song is never, ever, ever getting out of my head. I had notes like, "70s movies take way too long to get started," which is a totally fair observation. Avalanche also took forever to get started last season, and just in general - Carrie wasn't even a horror movie until the third act. Until then, it was just about a bullied telepathic teen. I also just had a lot of questions about the pirhana, but then I was really mad at the everyone wins ending.

Then, finally, from 4:47 pm until 6:10 pm - I stayed through the credits at the end this time - I was held captive by Ator. I was mostly excited by how close to the end it was. At one point, I compared this episode to Masters of the Universe, which is one of my favorite bad movies. There was a solid plot twist near the end - I mean, as solid as a plot twist in a bad movie can be, but then it had a weird happy ending.

I also noted, as I was dying, that the host segments were really saving my life throughout this marathon. I also wrote down all the pop culture references I liked: Joker and Harley Quinn, "Saved by the Bell," "The Snorks," and a lot of Alvin and the Chipmunks. I also really liked the ending of the season.

But do I think I would ever binge another six hours again? At this moment, I'm saying no. It was really hard for me. I tend to fall asleep after two MST3K episodes because of the sheer badness of the movies - you can wrap shit in chocolate, and it's still chocolate covered shit. The awesomeness of the riffers and the host segments can only do so much. But who knows? Could be, in a year I forget just how miserable I was and I attempt it again with the next season.

I watched all 8+ hours. It's a win that only cost me my sanity and possibly my soul.

Are you a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000? Could you sit through 8 hours? Did you attempt The Gauntlet? Let me know!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Verizon sponsored hashtag, doesn't realize Americans are awful

Bonus entry today because I just noticed a thing on Twitter that I need to talk about right now.

Verizon's marketing department is trusting.
You know a marketing team thought of this.

Verizon sponsored the hashtag #blackfriday. Now, I'm sure this made absolute sense to the phone company, as they were using the hashtag to promote the Android phone deals they had Black Friday only.

But what they absolutely did not count on is that Americans are awful. There is a website to track how awful we are to each other this time of the year.

And Twitter users were using the hashtag to remind people that we should not be trusted with any shopping holiday.

For example, one Twitter user likened Black Friday shoppers to Rocky Balboa, and that's pretty much as tame as it gets.

No one is taking Rocky Balboa's TV.
Adrian! It was a steal!

One Twitter user posted a video of two women fighting on the floor of a store. There's no way to verify that this is Black Friday related, but it's not unreasonable to believe that it is.

Women literally fighting in the aisle of a store.
What are they even fighting over?

And yet another Twitter user uploaded a picture of the standard Black Friday stampede.

Wait, is that a dog?
I just now noticed there's a dog in this.

Black Friday is one of the most violent days of the year, and I don't know that Verizon meant to associate their brand with a hashtag that showcases that. Brands need to be very careful with the hashtags they choose to promote - especially since anyone can use a hashtag for any reason. In fact, right now I checked the hashtag #blackfridaydeals, and it is a lot less violent. A little trashy, but definitely more brand friendly than two women fighting in the aisle of a store.

Let's hope they learn their lesson this year and they take a different approach next year.

Now We Can Talk About Christmas

I was actually going to talk about this tomorrow, because today I was going to talk about Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet, but this is not a repeat of the She-Ra situation. I did not get drunk and then decide nope. I decided I'd actually have more time to watch The Gauntlet today, so it would be better for me to talk about it tomorrow.

Plus, Thanksgiving is over, so what I'm about to say is just as true today as it is tomorrow.


I am so excited! Christmas is my favorite holiday after my birthday and Halloween. But I still believe in holidays in order - think of holidays as the children of a family, and poor Thanksgiving is a middle child being neglected for baby Christmas. And even though I'm an oldest child, I can sympathize with the baby getting all the attention. It happened to me twice.

But waiting for this was hard. It was so hard. First of all, Christmas movies have been on sale. I've bought four that I've been torturing myself with, because I'm not allowed to watch them until today.

Four. And they're good ones, too. Home Alone, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, It's a Wonderful Life, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

So pumped to finally be able to watch these.
Plus, I also own Elf. Actually, until this year, Elf was the only Christmas movie I owned. You can't throw a rock without seeing a Christmas movie on TV, but I really am excited that I control when I'm watching movies this year.

And I get to sing all the songs! I love Christmas songs! They're just so joyful.

And this year, I get a full 32 days of Christmas. 😄

Yes, I put an emoji in this entry. It warranted it.

How about you? Do you celebrate Christmas? And if you do, when do you start your celebrations? Let me know!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

What I'm Thankful For

Here in the United States, it is Thanksgiving! And as I've discussed before, I have some really basic tendencies, so I just wanted to take a moment to say what I'm thankful for this year.

As always, I'm thankful for my family. I love them to pieces and I'm just so lucky to have them in my life.

I'm also thankful for my job, and the direction it is heading in. I have been at my job for just over three years, and when I got it, I didn't even expect to get it - I had been a victim of the Great Recession and had been unemployed for six years. When I got hired, my then boss asked me if I thought I was getting a job that day, and I to honestly reply, "no." And since I've been hired, I've been working hard and it hasn't gone unnoticed - I've gotten six promotions in the past three years, and I love my job. I love what I do. And I love that in my company, there is always room to grow.

I'm thankful YouTube has added free, ad-supported movies (that last adjective not really mattering to me since I have YouTube premium), and one of those movies is Saved! If you have never seen Saved!, you need to. They also have Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2.

And I'm also thankful that I can watch a new season of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 while I digest turkey tonight.

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Favorite Holiday Items at Starbucks

I put drinks in the cover, but this is not just drinks. In fact, it's half not drinks. I'm just not re-editing the image.

But it is that time of year that Starbucks has their holiday items, and in case you couldn't tell by my well-documented planner addiction, I have some very basic characteristics. I'm not basic - I once drove five hours to San Francisco because I was bored and had $300 - but I do have the tendencies of a basic person. I love Starbucks, and I love red cups.

This is a very basic planner.
My addiction is getting worse.
So, these are my favorite things at Starbucks this time of the year.

1. Peppermint Hot Chocolate

So I'm starting this list with the one thing at Starbucks you can get all year round. You just can't get it with fun chocolate shavings in a red cup. I love coffee all day long, but sometimes, you just want to chill and feel cozy. Peppermint hot chocolate just hits the spot.

2. Turkey and Stuffing Holiday Panini

This is my favorite thing at Starbucks ever. It's like a Thanksgiving sandwich, which is something I've wanted since the idea was planted in my brain by Psych way back in season 2. Sidebar, how was Psych season 2 ten years ago? I digress. It is a panini made with turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and a cranberry spread that's used like a condiment and it is the most delicious thing that ever existed. I will rage quit Starbucks and exclusively become a Peet's girl if they ever discontinue this sandwich.

3. Caramel Brulee Latte

The Caramel Brulee Latte just hits the spot. It feels like a velvety, caramelly dessert drink. Even if I'm being cheap and just getting an iced coffee, I will get it with caramel brulee sauce. I feel like they changed the recipe a few years ago and it's not as good as it used to be, but I still love it as a holiday drink.

4. Peppermint Brownie Cake Pops

If you can have a candy cane and chocolate cake be happily married on a stick, would you love to consume that beautiful dessert? If you're weird like my brother and don't like the combination of chocolate and peppermint, then no, but I already lost you at peppermint hot chocolate. For those of us with more refined dessert tastes, peppermint brownie cake pops are simply delectable and it's a shame they're so tiny.

These are my favorite holiday items to get at Starbucks. Do you have favorites? Do you have holiday favorites from not-Starbucks? Let me know!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Newfound Inspiration

This part three in a very non-scientific study in which I can see if I can learn anything online. This is not sponsored or funded by anyone. This is just pure curiosity and wanting to believe in technology. You can find part one here and part two here.

What Can One Learn Online?: A One Person Study

Part Three: Newfound Inspiration

I have finished my second journalism course online. I have discovered flaws that I will discuss later in this series. What I've learned thusfar is what news actually is, and how to find sources. I still haven't found exactly what story it is that I want to tell, but I'm sure I will get there. Right now, I kind of want to discuss Defy Media's sudden shutdown, but I just worry how long it will be relevant for. I really just want to find something I can talk about for a very long time - something I could podcast. Yes, I'm one of those Millennials. It doesn't change my love for the news.

But overall, I am feeling overall inspired. In one of the courses, they did discuss needing to use all of the mediums in this online world. It's why I've been trying to make infographs. In fact, I made one that has absolutely nothing to do with this series, but has a lot to do with me:

Don't be so excited that it's better than the one I made for Pete Davidson - I used a template this time. But learning things in my journalism MOOCs are informing how I blog now. A blog isn't necessarily news, but it does tell a story online - it also needs to make use of all of the mediums.

Even when I'm being lazy. When they're not there, I know they should be. I just made an executive decision to not.

So, while I'm still looking for that story that I want to tell, I do believe that this MOOC is preparing me with the tools I need to be able to effectively tell it.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Why I Think Punky Brewster Needs an Update

This post will contain affiliate links at the end clearly marked with #ad. Clicking on these links may result in me earning a commission. A full disclosure is in the sidebar (or bottom of the page if you are on mobile.)

So, this was supposed to be part of a series where the first part didn't happen because I got drunk and decided to talk about Monopoly for Millennials instead. These things happen. The second part did happen, where I discussed why Dinosaurs should never, ever be rebooted ever.

This is part three, where I discuss the one series I'm honestly surprised never has had its reboot: Punky Brewster.

I don't need Punky Brewster needs a full series, for one of the same reasons I think Dinosaurs should never be rebooted - the audience isn't there. But it is definitely deserving of a movie or limited series because of other qualifying criteria.

First of all, Punky Brewster had such an interesting backstory and such a disappointing ending, my mother who hates Punky Brewster demanded more answers. For those of you who don't know, Punky Brewster was about titular character Punky Brewster, an eight-year-old whose mother abandoned her and her puppy Brandon in a Chicago shopping center. Punky and Brandon then squatted in an apartment, where Cherie Johnson gave her food. Punky was then discovered by apartment manager, photographer, and cantankerous old man Henry Warnimont. Eventually, Henry takes Punky in and they become a family. The show then becomes a more traditional sitcom, with the fact that Punky was abandoned by her mother occasionally being worked in.

The question my mom had was what happened to Susan Brewster? In the 80s, it makes sense they never found an answer. It's 2018. By now, there's been an investigative podcast by somebody who heard Punky's story. There's at least clues, if not actual answers.

But I have a much more important question - what is Punky's life like now? The champion of eternal optimism had very tragic things happen to her as a child. How does that affect her as an adult? What is her family life like now?

But somewhere between my mom's question and my question is the actual nugget of plot that would make a Punky Brewster reboot inherently interesting: how would finding Susan Brewster now affect a now adult Punky? What would transpire? Could Punky at least get closure? Because our girl Punky does at least deserve that - closure.

Of every reboot that's out there, I just feel like a Punky Brewster reboot has the most potential. Hollywood - just think about it.


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Let's Make Blogging Great Again

Y'all get two posts today! Why? Because I've planned all my posts until December 4, and I don't want to wait that long to talk about this. So, bonus content!

So, if you pay attention to anything on my blog, I do have a blog list, where I share blogs I like. Right now it has three blogs, even though I'm about to add a couple more to it based on the reasons I'm writing this entry. One of these blogs is The Blogess, who recently posted an entry called "Calling All Bloggers." I felt like I qualified for this call, as I am a blogger, and I am so very pleased that I did. Jenny Lawson, who is the genius behind The Blogess, shared her friend Asha Dornfest's own blog entry encouraging bloggers to form a community again. Jenny then urged bloggers, new and old, to start blogging and share links.

And the thing is, in the blogging community, you don't just share a link. You read other links. And there were at least 50. I know this, because that's how many tabs were open on my phone. But I gave them all a try, and there were some I dug enough that I'm going to add it to my list.

I miss reading other blogs. I don't like that many blogs these days, because they feel less like conversations and more like someone is talking at me. And if my entries feel like that to you at all, please, please let me know. This was always supposed to be a conversation.

I'm not just saying this for this entry, but for every entry - please feel free to share your links with me. I will at least check it out. If I really like it, I'll even add it to my blog list. I actually have an entry planned later in December where I am going to talk about blogs I really used to like back in the day. In fact, it is planned for December 14, for a reason that will be revealed on December 14. Remember, I started blogging on LiveJournal in 2002. It was how we did social media before MySpace. And I really do want that back.

What blogs are you guys reading? Do you have blogs? Let me know! I promise that I will check it out.

The Reboot That Must Never Happen: Dinosaurs

This post will contain an affiliate link clearly marked with #ad at the bottom. Clicking on these links may result in compensation on my behalf. It does not alter my opinions on things. My full disclosure is in the side bar (or bottom of the page if you're on mobile).

Okay, when I first came up with this entry, I thought it would be on the tail of a She-Ra review that didn't happen because I got drunk and decided I wanted to talk about Monopoly for Millennials. But I'm still doing this because Dinosaurs is the reason I love Jessica Walter - yep, like a million years before she was Lucille Bluth and Malory Archer, she was good mom Fran Sinclair.

And I do love Dinosaurs. It was a preachy show that didn't feel preachy when you were watching it. In fact, in an early drug PSA episode, they told the camera they didn't want to be preachy, which probably helped the children who were watching the show totally miss the fact that nearly every episode of the show was social commentary. Given how Millennials are not shy about social commentaries themselves, it's a show that probably shaped a lot of childhoods.

But it should never, ever, ever be rebooted.

I'm someone who generally loves reboots. I mean, Hollywood was never original. Even Wizard of Oz was based on a book, and not even the first Wizard of Oz movie. I was a film major before I dropped out of college - I can cite examples all day. But a reboot is about the exciting, fresh new way to tell an old story. There are reasons that could never work for Dinosaurs.

First, there's the everyone dies ending. I'm sorry if I just spoiled the ending of a show that was canceled in 1994. This eliminates an entire category of reboot of shows from this generation - the sequel series. What's Baby Sinclair and his kids up to? We can never know because dinosaurs went extinct at the end of the original series. Coming back from that would be so disingenuous that it would be insulting.

Second, there's the set it in the present era form of reboot. But it's Dinosaurs. It's pre-history. They could do like Flintstones in the comics, and make it relatable to this era, but there's a reason I think it worked for Flintstones but couldn't for Dinosaurs. The original Flintstones was set in idyllic 50s pre-history world. The 50s were never like the way they were portrayed on TV, and so they had a lot of room to move around to be more authentic while still being The Flintstones. Dinosaurs came out in the 90s, where authenticity was already being portrayed on TV - families aren't perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. Add in the fact that Dinosaurs was already heavy on social commentary and really, the only thing you could do is give them pre-historic Internet, and that's not enough of a change to be interesting.

Finally, the interest level could never actually be high enough. No reboot of The Munsters or The Addams Family, not counting the movies with Christina Ricci, has ever done well. These are both shows that were canceled relatively early in their runs. Sure, they may have done well in cable reruns, but a reboot only targets that exact same audience - if they weren't there the first time, they won't be there the next five times. Dinosaurs would fall into the same category.

I would still watch a Dinosaurs reboot, and getting drunk wouldn't stop me. I would just deeply resent it the whole time.


Saturday, November 17, 2018

Let's Talk About Monopoly for Millennials

I was going to talk about She-Ra on Netflix today, as I grew up with the original and the first argument I ever remember getting into with my youngest brother was who was better, He-Man or She-Ra. My mom ended that argument by saying they were twins and they were equal. This is the most 80s intro I could come up with for this entry.

But then I didn't feel like watching it, and I went out bowling and drinking anyway, so... I decided to talk about Monopoly for Millennials - which I absolutely would not be talking about if I had watched She-Ra and hadn't gotten drunk, so this is one of the most important alterations to human history ever.

Full disclosure: I am probably going to buy this game.

But Millennials are triggered by Monopoly for Millennials. I get it. The game is definitely making fun, and we're a generation that's already the butt of every joke. It also doesn't help that Hasbro released a weirdly tone-deaf statement. Maybe if people are mad about your game that's making fun, maybe don't make jokes about their side hustle. There's also the fact most Millennials try so very hard to not be associated with Millennials, and recognizing themselves in this game could be emotionally devastating.

However, I love perfect disasters. They give me joy down in my heart. And this game is so ridiculous that there is no way it can be anything other than perfect.

How do you decide who goes first? Who has the most debt. Which by the way, me. Everyday, me. Not satisfied with just having student loan debt, I also bought a new car two years ago that cost half as much as college did. The payments on the car are way better, though.

What fun properties are there? None! Millennials can't afford real estate, silly. Which, you know what? I could totally afford some real estate if I hadn't gone to college, so... I blame Big College. Why aren't there more conspiracies about Big College?

What are the game pieces? A hashtag and an emoji. I just... I can't. It's all too ridiculous!

And I'm not the only Millennial who gets the joke. For just as many Millennials who don't appreciate getting made fun of, which I get, there's just as many that wish the jokes had gone further. And I get that, too.

You can't please everybody. That's fine. At the end of the day, it's just a game.

But why did their statement have to make fun of people's side hustles? Not cool.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Millennial Spotlight: Pete Davidson

I made my first ever infographic for Pete Davidson. It's the worst, but I wanted to try something. Everyone's first try at everything sucks.

Anyway, it is Pete Davidson's birthday and I decided to make him the subject of my first Millennial Spotlight! A Millennial Spotlight is when I choose a Millennial and discuss what positivity they're putting out into the universe, and Pete Davidson is low-key one of my personal heroes. Bad things have just happened to Pete Davidson from a young age and he suffers from mental health problems, but he can get into the public eye with a smile on his face and make people laugh. Just knowing someone as strong as Pete Davidson is in the world makes me want to try harder as a person.

Pete Davidson is the third youngest ever cast member on SNL. He joined the cast when he was 20. Eddie Murphy joined the cast of SNL at 19, and Anthony Michael Hall joined the cast at 17. However, Pete Davidson is the second youngest cast member if you disqualify those who were already in John Hughes films before joining the cast. He isn't in very many sketches, but he has such wonderful delivery that the ones he does appear in do not fail to make me laugh. He is usually on Weekend Update as himself delivering some commentary that makes you wonder if someone can simply be too talented for Saturday Night Live.

Also, he once got a death threat from a newspaper. That is one hundred percent true. He was 23 at the time, which I think has to make him the youngest person to ever receive a 1930s mobster threat from a newspaper.

So, my favorite Pete Davidson sketch is Posters. It's in the infographic. But one of my other favorite moments he had was in a Californians sketch:

I mean, he's really from Staten Island, but as an actual Californian, I'm glad someone called them out on those accents! We do actually talk about the traffic all the time, but not like that.

Even though he's had a rough year - a rough life, really - Pete Davidson makes so many other people happy that I just really want him to be happy, too. He deserves it.

If nothing else, I hope he at least has a happy birthday.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

What I'm Watching In November

When I was a kid, I wasn't that picky with what I watched on television - if it was on, I could suffer through anything. As a busy adult, I have to be a little bit more focused with my time, so I can only watch shows that I actually like.

These are the shows that I'm making time for in November.

1. The Good Place

The Good Place might seem like a total no-brainer, but I didn't watch this show at all until this past summer. I was afraid it was overhyped, but after binging the entire first season in one night I learned it was hyped exactly right. I relate to Janet in ways I have never related to any character on television, ever. I now watch it live on Thursday nights. If you want to watch past episodes, the first two seasons are on Netflix, and you can watch the last five of the current season on Hulu.

2. The Conners

Basically, Roseanne without Roseanne, and you know what - I like it just fine. I really only ever watched the show for John Goodman and Sara Gilbert, and they continue to deliver. I don't feel like the show has lost much of anything, in terms of being a blue collar Illinois family or humor. You can watch latest episodes on Hulu.

3. The Simpsons

I'm still watching The Simpsons. No regrets. Sure, it isn't as great as it was in the early seasons, but I have a theory on that. See, when I was 6, I could relate to Lisa and Bart's kid antics, and as I got older, I started to relate to Homer and Marge. So when I watched older episodes, I had a new level of appreciation plus the nostalgia of growing up with them, but with newer episodes, I have a harder time relating to Bart and Lisa because I don't age backwards. Not to say that I can never relate to them - "Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou" replaced "Lisa's First Word" as my favorite episode because I only have little brothers, so I really related to Bart wanting a brother because I always wanted a sister. And even in season 30, I find myself liking episodes. Every episode of The Simpsons ever is available on Simpsons World.

4. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

I like getting my news from various sources, and John Oliver is definitely one of them. Weekly, John Oliver goes in depth on one topic and uses humor to expand his audience's knowledge. It's approachable, fun, and also serious. Pretty lengthy clips can be found on YouTube, but full episodes are on HBO Go and HBO Now.

5. Murphy Brown

I'm a sucker for reboots. This is the only show on the list I don't watch live - because when I was a kid, it came on Mondays and I still expect it to be on on Mondays. It comes on on Thursdays and episodes fill my DVR. But I like the new show. It still makes me laugh and think, and Avery Brown is a snack. But it is the one show on the list I'm also pretty sure won't be back next season - through no fault of its own. Murphy Brown should come on Mondays!

What shows are you watching? What would you recommend? Let me know!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Why I'm in the 9 Year Old Army

I watch a lot of YouTube. It's the Millennial in me, okay?

I am a little old to be in Pewdiepie's audience, though. I used to feel guilty about it, but I thought he was funny. But after WSJ wrote that assassination piece on him - there are parts of it that are verifiably inaccurate - I started to feel less and less guilty. Felix is just a person with two editors making content everyday. How original it can be called remains to be debated, but this is the classic example of how hard work, planning, and forming a community can create success. It's not the American dream - especially since Felix is not American - but it is the Millennial dream. Follow your bliss.

But there is a threat to what Felix represents. Pewdiepie is currently the most subscribed to YouTuber, but he won't be much longer. T-Series, an Indian channel that's growing exponentially faster than Pewdiepie, is about to pass them up. It's currently a race to see who will be the first one to 70,000,000 subscribers.

So, why is T-Series a threat?

Because T-Series is a corporation. It's like the equivalent of Viacom becoming the most subscribed YouTube channel. Once T-Series becomes the most subscribed channel, the You in YouTube won't mean anything. It won't be about creators connecting to their audiences anymore. It will be about which corporations can reign supreme.

Of course, Pewdiepie isn't going down without a fight. His nine year old army stands strong with him.

See, Felix has even said a long time ago that he doesn't care about being the number one channel and that it probably should be someone else. He has recently amended that, however, to say he doesn't want a corporation to be number one, either.

And he's not alone in that sentiment. Mr. Beast bought billboards and went on the radio to urge people to subscribe to Pewdiepie - and it helped. It slowed down when T-Series would overtake the number one spot. Pewdiepie also has a dedicated fan base that doesn't have a lot of money, but makes up for it in heart. They've made a meme out of saving Pewdiepie. Someone even took an ad out in a newspaper - an actual newspaper! And all this grassroots effort is helping - it looks as though Pewdiepie will be the first one to hit 70,000,000 subscribers. (He actually may be - when I was just on YouTube, it said that he was a couple hundred thousand subs shy of the mark, but Social Blade said he had already passed the mark.)

But there's also some controversy involved. On October 16, 2018 - a date I remember because it was my birthday, and the day before I started this blog - YouTube went down for a few hours. It was awful. I had to use my Bluray player like a caveman. But while YouTube was completely down - T-Series was still gaining subscribers.

I've seen people post the hourly count of subscribers T-Series gained during the outage, but that was a while ago and I had a harder time finding that information now. But I did look at their monthly views on Social Blade.

gaining subs while YouTube was down?

What I've marked off on the side is the date range where the outage would have happened - because, you know, time zones. How do those work? Anyway, what you can see is somehow, during the date range of the outage, they were, in fact, gaining more subscribers than average.  While it might not be the same hourly subscription count that definitely proves something fishy was going on, this does suggest that their subscriber count may not be what it seems.

I stand proud as a member of the nine year old army. I do not want the number one subscribed YouTuber to be a corporation. I want to keep the Millennial dream alive.

If you haven't, you should subscribe to Pewdiepie. His videos are varied enough you might even find something you like.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Millennial Murder Files: Video Game Strategy Guides

No cover photo for this particular Millennial Murder Files. In lieu of, please enjoy this Angry Video Game Nerd video.

Millennials have a taste for blood, and we can't be quenched. Nothing, it seems, is safe from our murderous desires and this time, we have apparently taken out something only our generation grew up with.

Apparently, we took out Prima Guides.

For those of you not in the know, video games are really hard. Sometimes, you get stuck, and you need a little extra help to find out what you need to do to move forward. But not all guides were created equal. We only ever had one strategy guide growing up, because it was a book Mom saw at Walmart that had most of our games in it. Sure, it taught us the 99 lives trick in Super Mario World, but it absolutely did not tell us where we could find the fourth bottle in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - something I only figured out two years ago because the Internet exists now and I did a Google search.

But then there were Prima Guides. Prima Guides were incredibly detailed guides that told you literally everything you needed to know for just one game at a time. They were pricey, so my parents never bought them for us, but we checked them out from the library sometimes. Yes, Prima Guides were such a phenomena that you could get them from your local library.

So then what happened?

Well, I already alluded to it - the Internet happened. Prima Guides were $20, but a dedicated Google search could find you information for free. Prima Games didn't find a way to re-market and remain profitable, and now they're shutting down for good.

So is it fair to blame Millennials?

Yes, no, and shouldn't we blame all generations?

Some Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z all play video games, and none of them are buying strategy guides. It's kind of everybody's fault. But let's get into the actual yes and no.

Yes, Millennials killed strategy guides by not wanting to purchase them. Like I said, they were pricey. And it's not really fair to blame the Internet as Millennials actually prefer printed books to digital copies. That was all on Millennials not wanting to pay $20 to find out how to save the princess when they can find out online for free.

But no, because Prima Guides didn't adapt. Yes, Millennials kind of killed newspapers in the same way - preferring to read for free online what they would otherwise have to pay for. But news outlets adopted. Newspapers may die, but the news will go on. I pay $8 a month to read New York Times on all my devices, because in the grand scheme $8 isn't that much to get up to the minute news updates and still support journalism - but the actual New York Times costs $2.50 for a Monday through Saturday edition, and $6 on Sunday. See what I mean about them adapting? Even if the newspaper does eventually go out of print, they still have a platform.

But Prima Guides didn't do that. They didn't find a way to engage their audience digitally and convince them they still wanted to pay something versus nothing. They didn't make themselves competitive in a new market, and they suffered for it.

What do you think? Did Millennials kill Prima Guides? Will you miss Prima Guides? Let me know!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Why I Own a Super Nintendo in 2018

Bought on eBay in 2017
My actual for real Super Nintendo.
I have a 2DS somewhere, but other than that, not counting my PC, I haven't had a modern console since I had a Nintendo Wii.

But last year, I just had a moment. Super Nintendo Classic had been announced, and then it sold out almost instantly. "I bet I could buy a real Super Nintendo for cheaper," I had thought, "and it'll be more fun."

True to both. But setting it up was such a process. See, I couldn't get the SNES to work on my modern day HDTV. I tried so many ways, but it wasn't destined to be.

Until I went to Goodwill and bought a $10 DVD/VCR combo. A DVD player can work with an HDTV, and a SNES can work with a VCR. It was the missing link that I needed.

But I love having a Super Nintendo. I only have 13 games right now, plus a Super Gameboy and three Gameboy games, but I plan on growing my collection. The more complex video games got, the less fun they were for me, anyway. So the more expensive consoles got, the less it was worth it for me. I'm just fine with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, Paperboy 2, Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego, Turtles in Time, and others. It's 25 years later, and they're still fun. I still have fun.

That isn't to say that I never plan on having another console. Besides price, the reason I haven't had another new console since the Wii is because while my family was playing New Super Mario Bros, my brother told me that if I made him die one more time in the game, he would decapitate me in real life. Same brother who never got that mad when I took a pizza he needed in Turtles in Time. The magic is gone.

I'm just holding out for the console that feels fun again. Who knows when that will be. But if I do ever get around to having my own little Alphas, they're definitely playing some Paperboy 2 on a real Super Nintendo. It's just good family fun.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

What Is Veteran's Day?

Hello. This is just a little quickie post today to honor the veterans and the troops.

Veteran's Day is in honor of the end of World War I on November 11, 1918. This one marks 100 hundred years, even though Veteran's Day as we know it didn't become a holiday until 1954. It's not just a day off work - it's about people who were willing to sacrifice for this country, and some sacrificed all.

Every generation has had their military event. The Greatest Generation had World War 2 and Korea. Boomers had Vietnam. Gen X had Desert Storm, and Millennials - and now, Gen Z - have the war in Afghanistan. That means, statistically speaking, everybody knows somebody who served. If you can, you should give them a big, giant hug.

My grandfather was enlisted in World War 2, both of my parents served but only one of them, for some reason, is a Vietnam era vet, and my baby brother was deployed to Iraq. I was born in a military hospital. I love and appreciate the vets in my life, and I feel like a hug is the least we can do - especially for those veterans who get stuck working on a day the rest of us have off.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Why I'm Obsessed With Internet Comment Etiquette

When I listed the six Twitter accounts that you should follow in November, I said that I was obsessed with Internet Comment Etiquette. This is not a lie. I discovered the channel two and a half years ago, and I was instantly hooked. I watched all the lessons at the gym - but then I caught up and his update schedule is the worst, so I stopped going to the gym.

I don't want to say it's Big Daddy Salvia's fault that I'm fat, but I'm saying there's a correlation.

So, why do I love Erik so much? I feel like the videos I'm posting will help you understand, but there's one reason I live Commentiquette that trumps all other reasons.

I honestly believe he is the smartest person on all of YouTube.

So, let me take you back a million years, all the way to the year 1989. The very first crush I ever had - Steven Q. Urkel. I thought he was cute, and my mom thought I was insane. I also have had a crush on Doogie Howser and Billy from Power Rangers. I love big brains, I cannot lie. But, those brains were also scripted. Okay, I still have a crush on Neil Patrick Harris, but he is a magician and an author with an amazing singing voice. David Burtka is so lucky.

Internet Comment Etiquette is intelligent all on his own. He makes great social commentary videos, with enough raunchy humor sprinkled in to be hilarious. He knows how to write a catch phrase. His audience is toxic. I don't think his entire audience gets it, but they're still having fun.

He also has a fun Twitch stream.  He plays Jackbox games and is super relatable.

Oh, yeah. And he's that Gardening on Salvia guy.

Who are you guys obsessed with? What makes them so special? Let me know!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Can I Commit to a MOOC?

This is part two in a very non-scientific study in which I see if I can learn anything online. This is not sponsored or funded by anyone. This is just pure curiosity and wanting to believe in technology. You can read part one here.

What Can One Learn Online?: A One Person Study

Part Two: Can One Commit?

The first time I signed up for an online course was in 2014. I was unemployed, and I was trying to learn to code because I thought it was my way out of the economic mess. I gave up very quickly.

Every so often, I would try to take another course - not so much for the idea I would learn a life-changing skill, but because I wanted to see if it was possible to actually learn something online. All of these attempts have also been a failure.

Then on October 29, I decided to audit a 5 week journalism course on Coursera. It was the first out of a five class specialization.

I did wonder if part of the reason I never committed was because I couldn't afford to pay for the courses. I mean, I dropped out of college twice, and I paid money for that. I usually finished the courses I was enrolled in, though. It is a lot easier to walk away from something that you have no financial commitment to. In fact, a MOOC completion rate has been quoted to be as low as 5.5%. Most people who enroll in a MOOC class will not compete.

I'm half way through week four in my first journalism course. Week four assignments aren't even due until November 25th, and I predict that by the end of the week, I'll be starting the second course.

What's the difference between someone who finishes and someone who doesn't? All I know is the difference between making progress this time, and never being able to finish before - I finally feel passionate about the topic that I'm learning.

And because I'm passionate, I found a routine. I scheduled time into my planner. I tell myself what I'm going to complete each day, and I do it.

It also helps that this particular course, while it locks the quizzes and assignments for those who pay, has practice quizzes and practice assignments. I feel like I'm making progress, and even though certification is definitely pay to earn, the course isn't pay to learn. I like that a lot.

I'm pleased with my progress. I'm even thinking of ways to apply what I learn to my life. I'm excited to see how far I can go.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Millennial Murder Files: Primary Care Physician Edition

It'd been awhile since I had actively seen Millennials be accused of anything. I was starting to think we got it out of our system. But then, Google sent me an alert.

We've taken out primary care physicians.

Before I even get into what we allegedly did, I just want to say primary care physicians have taken themselves out. But, let's get into this.

It turns out, Millennials opt to go to urgent care instead of making an appointment with a regular doctor. I'm not going to lie - I am one of those Millennials. Unlike other Millennials, I do have a primary care physician - I just don't know who, and I've never seen them.

However, it also turns out all age groups have been seeing their regular doctor less, as tends to be the trend when Millennials murder something.  So this leads me back to my original point - primary care physicians have taken themselves out.

And not just because of inconvenience.

Let me tell you a story. My mom works at a hospital, so my health care when I was a teenager was really, really good. I would have gone to a doctor for a stubbed toe - if they would have seen me.

In my teen years, I had three ear infections, ring worm, the flu, some weird intestinal thing, and a sprained ankle. I couldn't even make an appointment with a doctor. I tried. They said no. I had to go to urgent care every single time.

And now, as an adult, I don't even bother with the primary care physician. They took that right out of me. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to urgent care I go.

When you have a system where nobody can see their doctor, don't be surprised when they don't.

In conclusion, this is a situation where primary care physicians killed themselves - and tried to blame Millennials for it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Is There a Such Thing As Too Many Planners?

As I get ready for 2019, I have found that have five planners.


This immediately caused me to do a Google search on if there was a such thing as a planner addiction, but then I realized that this is just right for me. I use five planners.

I understand that we live in the future and these things can be digital now, but I personally benefit from writing things out, and being able to decorate to make certain events stand out.

We previously discussed how I use one as a content planner. That's not going to change in 2019, as I hope to continue to fill this blog with content related to the Millennial life. But I decided that I didn't really want to mix anything else in with my content planner, which is fair. It would get too bulky if I didn't keep things separate.

Then I decided I needed a hobby planner. See, I try to fill my spare time with a lot of activities, but I feel overwhelmed by them. If I write down what hobbies I can work on on different days, I feel more productive, and I'm much more likely to do something other than binge Netflix all night long. But that's still something I wanted to keep separate from everything else.

Then I have a budget planner. I'm okay with money, but I'm not purposeful with it and I want to be better. I decided I needed a place to write it all down and see where my money goes, and see what I can change to save more of it. It's also something I wanted to keep separate from everything else - are you catching on to a theme?

Fourth, I have a work planner. At work, I'm in charge of scheduling and managing everyone's calendars. I just wanted a planner that I can carry into meetings so everything is in the same place, and I don't have a computer screen in front of me and whoever I'm talking to.

And last, but not least, I have a planner for all my personal life appointments - doctors appointments, birthday parties - things I don't want clogging up my other planners.

But planners are not inexpensive. They're also kind of bulky. So I do use Google calendars as a backup, and I want to show you how you can use it as a primary planner so you can keep things together and separate all at the same time. The only thing is that you cannot decorate to make things stand out, but it could be you wouldn't benefit from that anyway.

So, Google calendar is already something you have if you have a Google account. Most people do, whether they have a Gmail account, a YouTube account, or an Android phone. Google accounts are free to set up if you don't have one already.

found in the sidebar of GCal

Once you've opened up Google Calendar, in the sidebar you can see a listing of your calendars. Hover over your name, and three dots on top of each other will show up. Click on that and choose to manage your calendar settings.

Your GCal settings

On the settings page, at the very top is something that says "add calendar." Once that opens, you have an option to add a new calendar. You can choose what you want to name the calendar, and give it a description if you like. Once you click on create calendar, it will show up in your sidebar.

This gives you the freedom to have as many calendars as you need to balance your life. You can have all of them on the screen at once, or you can uncheck them to hide that calendar's events and just focus on what you really need to.

I still use digital calendars as a back up. I write reminders on different calendars - rent due on my budget calendar, doctor appointment on my personal one, etc. I don't go into the same detail I do on my written ones, but I do this for a few reasons. The first one being, I use five planners - that's just downright bulky, and this way I can just have quick reminders on my smart phone. The second reason I have a digital backup is that handwritten planners can't give you notifications. Sometimes it's nice to get an email or push notification that your nephew's play is tonight at 7. Finally, I use digital planners as a back up in case I lose a planner. It can happen. I lost my high school diploma twenty minutes after getting it. I'm not going to trust that physical planners can never be lost. This way, even if I don't go into the same detail as I do my physical planners, I don't lose important plans.

Are you Team Written Planner, or Team Digital Planner? What is your planner routine? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Why I Prefer Blogspot to

In what is apparently my on going series on blogging about blogging, I want to talk about blogging platform. Which one should you use?

I'm not you. I can't make that decision for you.

But from LiveJournal to Tumblr to Blogspot to, I've used all the free ones. While self-hosting your blog is always best - you have full control - it's not an affordable option for everyone. So I'm going to say why it is that I like Blogspot most of all.

Now, I will acknowledge that there are reasons to avoid Blogger. Spammers flocked to it and ruined its ranking across the Interent. Google has been known to just shut things down with very little warning. It's not as easy to use as WordPress. But the reasons I love using Blogspot way outnumber these cons.

1. You do not have to pay to play. Ever.

When people decide to set up a free blog, it always seems to come down to their decision to use Blogspot or The reasons people use is because the CMS is so easy to use, and they have built in SEO tools.

But they also nickel and dime you for everything.

You want to use a custom domain? That's going to cost you. A theme that isn't pre-approved? Extra. Ads? They're there whether you want them or not, and if you want to make money off of them, that's extra.

That's not an issue with Blogger.

Okay, so you definitely want the custom domain sooner rather than later because of the whole "Blogspot's reputation took a hit thanks to spammers" thing, but Blogger doesn't charge you for the privilege of using your own domain. If you can theme it, your blog can be it - for free. And there are no ads, unless you want to put them there, and then you make the money - for free.

2. Your theme is only limited by your imagination

I've heard it said that there's not a lot of themes for Blogspot blogs. That's not completely true. It is true that less are being made per yer because of its decreasing popularity, but you can still find a ton if you know what to Google. But, you don't even need a theme - if you know what you're doing, you can make your own. From scratch. And Blogger will run it. And if you don't know what you are doing, Blogspot gives you the freedom to break your own blog - it's the only way to learn, sometimes. does not afford you such creative freedom.

3. See a quicker return on your investment

You can monetize a Blogger blog. You can use affiliate ads or you can use AdSense. You can even sell your own ad space. This means that you can at least try to raise the money to move to a self-hosted platform while you build your audience. does let you use affiliate links - not pictures - but that's it.

Blogger is 100% free, which is not something can say. While does have its advantages, Blogspot's offering the literal freedom needed to build up a blog is not something to look down at.

Are you a blogger? What platform do you prefer? Why? Let me know!