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Monday, November 5, 2018

Why Are Millennials Obsessed With Golden Girls?

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Millennials are obsessed with a lot of classic television shows. We were nostalgic from a very early age. And while I know I'm obsessed with Golden Girls, I very recently started to catch on that I'm not the only one. Maybe it was the vast amount of merchandise I started noticing in stores and online, or the fact that everyone uses the theme song for advertising and parodies.

Okay, it was probably the Buzzfeed "Which Golden Girl Are You?" quiz. Which is highly inaccurate. I got Rose. I'm a classic Blanche with a Dorothy rising.

But I've just recently found it weird that Millennials are obsessed with Golden Girls and nobody talks about it. Think about it. We made saving Betty White from 2016 a meme, but we never talk about it.

I was eight years old when Golden Girls ended its run, which means no official Millennial was ever older than 11 during the shows original run, and most of them weren't even born yet. So what was it about these four older women that children grew up with and then kept into their adulthood?

Honestly, I just think it's that they're so relatable. I think everyone starts off with Rose or Sophia being their favorite Golden Girl, because they're the two that would be most relatable to children. Rose is optimistic and at times naive, but smart and kind. Sophia gets treated like a child, but she's so freaking wise. I think, then, as you get older and you get more life experiences, that's when Blanche and Dorothy gets added into the mix, even though some people stay Roses and Sophias, and that's just perfect. The world needs all four to function.

Also, I don't think the TV show has ever been off the air. Every generation has that show. I Love Lucy. The Brady Bunch. The Golden Girls. But what The Golden Girls has that the other two didn't is a fan base familiar with meme culture. Remixing keeps things alive forever.

But there's one selfish reason that I wish that we, as a generation, would talk about our love of The Golden Girls.

Of everything Millennials allegedly killed, there's finally something we kept alive forever.


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