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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Why I'm Obsessed With Internet Comment Etiquette

When I listed the six Twitter accounts that you should follow in November, I said that I was obsessed with Internet Comment Etiquette. This is not a lie. I discovered the channel two and a half years ago, and I was instantly hooked. I watched all the lessons at the gym - but then I caught up and his update schedule is the worst, so I stopped going to the gym.

I don't want to say it's Big Daddy Salvia's fault that I'm fat, but I'm saying there's a correlation.

So, why do I love Erik so much? I feel like the videos I'm posting will help you understand, but there's one reason I live Commentiquette that trumps all other reasons.

I honestly believe he is the smartest person on all of YouTube.

So, let me take you back a million years, all the way to the year 1989. The very first crush I ever had - Steven Q. Urkel. I thought he was cute, and my mom thought I was insane. I also have had a crush on Doogie Howser and Billy from Power Rangers. I love big brains, I cannot lie. But, those brains were also scripted. Okay, I still have a crush on Neil Patrick Harris, but he is a magician and an author with an amazing singing voice. David Burtka is so lucky.

Internet Comment Etiquette is intelligent all on his own. He makes great social commentary videos, with enough raunchy humor sprinkled in to be hilarious. He knows how to write a catch phrase. His audience is toxic. I don't think his entire audience gets it, but they're still having fun.

He also has a fun Twitch stream.  He plays Jackbox games and is super relatable.

Oh, yeah. And he's that Gardening on Salvia guy.

Who are you guys obsessed with? What makes them so special? Let me know!


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