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Saturday, December 1, 2018

6 Twitter Accounts to Follow in December

Hello everyone! It's that time again where I tell you who to follow on Twitter. I'm being really lazy today, though - I had to go to the DMV and it's making me cranky and tired - so I'm not going to embed any Tweets this day. But I have a good reason as to why you should follow these people, even though, again... I'm phoning it in a little.

Sorry guys. Going to the DMV was a mistake, but I like not having my car impounded for having expired tags.

Anyway, those 6 accounts:

1. @jacksfilms

I love Jacksfilms on YouTube and on Twitter. He's just so funny, and he's the one who introduced me to the genius that is Internet Comment Etiquette. He's also super genuine and pretty smart in his own right. You should check him out. He's really big on Christmas, so this is definitely a good time to check him out.

2. @ocasio2018

We just had an election, and New York decided they wanted to send a Millennial who committed herself to being a voice for her community to DC. She's just an inspiring and real person. You should check her out just to see what she has to say. She's very informative.

3. @willfriedle

Will Friedle is America's big brother and the least political person on all of Twitter. He's Eric Matthews, Terry McGinnis, and Ron Stoppable and if you don't love him, there is a black hole in your soul. Check out his Twitter to feel complete.

4. @DanRather

I love the news, and Dan Rather keeps it real. I just don't need to say anything else. If you want to see a reporter deliver some hard truths in a time we really need it, follow Dan Rather on Twitter.

5. @sohmer

Pretty soon, I'm going to talk about webcomics I like, and sohmer is the writer of one that I'm going to talk about - and one I like but I'm like ten years behind on. Wow, how did we get to a time where you can be ten years behind on a webcomic? Anyway, sohmer is smart and funny and all that jazz I love in a personality.

6. @bobsaget

Dude. It's Bob Saget. Why do you even need an explanation?

Who do you follow on Twitter? Who should I suggest in the future? Let me know!


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