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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Let's Talk About This Year's YouTube Rewind

Let's remember when YouTube Rewind was good.

How can I put this delicately and objectively?

YouTube Rewind 2018 is a flaming dumpster fire.

I originally wasn't going to link to it, because I wanted to save your souls, but I'm realizing that it'll be requisite to explaining why it's a cringe-worthy circlejerk. But before I get into that, or how much everyone hated this year's Rewind and how justified that was, I do want to say something I did like about this year's YouTube Rewind.

Simone Giertz was in it. I have a lesbian crush on Simone Giertz and her brilliant mind. I was so sad she had a brain tumor, and I'm glad she's made it through okay. It's also cool that they featured more non-English YouTubers, and more animators.

End of list. It's even the first YouTube Rewind that does not have Rhett and Link in it.

Anyway, here is the video for your reference:

Let's dive right into this dumpster fire.

First, let's start with the likes to dislikes ratio:

People really do not like this video.
That is 5,292,307 dislikes to 1,762,875 likes. That is three times as many dislikes. I put it in a calculator to double check. Before watching the video, there's one reason people can think of as to why the video is so disliked, and it doesn't make sense. Pewdiepie isn't in this one.

But he wasn't in 2017's either, and that one has about twice as many likes as dislikes. It has more views with less reactions, even. So, what is so odious about the 2018 YouTube Rewind?

Well, it starts with everyone's favorite YouTuber Will Smith announcing he can control Rewind, so that can't possibly be it. He wants Fortnite and Marques Brownlee, which is innocent enough, but then all of a sudden, Ninja is driving the Battlebus. Ninja. The Twitch streamer Ninja is featured in 2018's YouTube Rewind, but not Rhett and Link. Cool.

Then there's more Fortnite, Liza Koshy appears out of nowhere, and then we transition to a campfire scene where Liza lets the other YouTubers know that they control Rewind this year.

This is where it gets cringy.

The Merrell Twins and Casey Neistat decide they want K-Pop. This apparently caused some controversy with K-Pop fans - I read comment sections. YouTube apparently had stolen views from BTS earlier this year, and by making reference to the very video they stole views from, fans were angry that YouTube took advantage in this way.

Then they mashed up the Royal Wedding and Bongo Cat, which would have maybe been cute if they hadn't said it was going to happen. YouTube Rewind 2018 isn't as organic as other Rewinds, and it makes it so hard to watch.

Then ASAP Science wants to do science, and Safyia Nygaard decides they should melt lipsticks. I mean, I guess that's on brand for them, so I can't really comment.

Then some Asian YouTubers I don't know decide to do a mukbang in Korea. There's nothing wrong with mukbang, and I already said I liked the inclusion, so this part was okay.

Then a dog I don't know wanted Rosanna Pansino to make him cake. I'm not okay with that. I get that it's supposed to be the dog's fantasy, but it's not okay to imply a dog is going to eat cake. Cake is not good for dogs.

Then they decided that they needed to reveal that Marshmello was the Yodeling kid, and that was when I personally gave up on the video. Then they tacked on Adam Rippon for literally no reason.

Then they used the animators to recreate the In My Feelings Challenge. You know, the Challenge that got people run over by cars. They're trying to be middle of the road and they include such a dangerous challenge. This is where Pewdiepie gets his inadvertent shout out, though, as one of the animators included his chair. But there are live action scenes cut into the Challenge, and they include Trevor Noah flossing and John Oliver questioning all of his life decisions. But Lucas the spider is also there, so my heart did melt for a nano-second.

Then that's when they start the circlejerk to pat each other on the back. Simone was the only one who appreciated the fans, and it's a pity her part was part of the hardest to watch, cringiest part of the video, even if what she said was heartfelt and honest.

But they do piggy back off that to say they should read the comments, and this is the most offensive part, because I've seen a YouTube comment section. They went out of their way to cherry pick comments to match their message. I wouldn't be surprised if YouTube created situations in which they could get people to leave these comments in the first place. And lo and behold, more Fortnite. There's also ASMR and Baby Shark, but it's mostly Fortnite.

And the video ends on Will Smith again. Then there's a YouTuber I know is popular but I don't personally know who they are during the credits.

The video was bland. YouTube said this was a Rewind for everybody, but let's be real - it was a Rewind for the advertisers. They were trying to play it safe by being as inoffensive as possible. The actual people who watch YouTube for its creativity were left disappointed.

And people hated the 2016 and 2017 Rewinds, but those still had more likes than dislikes. Those tried to be inclusive of everything. 2017 wasn't even afraid to reference tragic events that happened in the Rewind.

The 2018 Rewind didn't even have a Laurel vs Yanny reference, and that was this year's version of the dress, which got a cute shout out back in 2015.

YouTube doesn't know what their community wants, and this year's Rewind proved it. I just hope YouTube chooses to learn from this experience, get feedback from the audience that truly makes YouTube what it is, and make a much better Rewind in 2019.

Sidebar, Grandayy made a much better YouTube Rewind on accident. He was just making fun of the original and it covered way more of what 2018 was really like. Check it out:

Do you watch the YouTube Rewinds every year? Which is your favorite? What are your thoughts on this years? Let me know.


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