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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Dear Amanda 1998

My birthday is on October 16. This year, I had a mostly wonderful birthday with just two little hiccups - Amazon lost my order, and YouTube went down for an hour. But then I thought about my birthday 20 years ago, where I was so pumped to get my first ever CD, and I thought past me would be amused by what is considered a problem these days.

I decided to try to use terms that I would have understood in 1998. I didn't know YouTube or Twitter - they didn't exist yet. But I knew what videos were, and what the Internet was, and that people complained online sometimes.

And I'm not wrong about how fast it all changes - in 1998, nobody knew Google yet, and by 2006 they own everything. In fact, my own predicament of not even owning a computer would change in the next 18 months.

Anyway, the letter:

Actual handwritten letter
17 Oct 2018

Dear Amanda 1998,

You just had a pretty bomb 15th birthday. You asked your parents for the NSYNC self-titled cassette and they surprised you with a personal CD player and the NSYNC CD.

20 years from now, you'll complain because a famous internet video site was down for an hour. To be fair, it was because it prevented you from watching The Brady Bunch Movie, which is something I know you can understand.

You handled it like the mature adult that you are - you complained online. Some people called the police.

But you, who right now just received your first CD player and can only dream of owning a computer one day have no idea how fast it's all about to change. You might be the lucky one and little brother just punched you. He grows out of that.

Enjoy the next 20 years.


Amanda 2018


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