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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

If I Had $1.6 Billion Dollars

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Ever since I was a little girl, I loved imagining what one could do with cash prizes. I used to tell my parents what house we would buy once we got Boardwalk and Park Place in McDonald's Monopoly. I don't even care about winning, really, because I've accepted that I won't - but until it's confirmed, the most fun I could have is just picturing what I would do with all that money.

But let's add some mood music to this post:

So, if I had $1,600,000,000, I would buy:

1. A House With a Lazy River

If I can't spend all day lazing around in a raft in my backyard, then I'm not living luxuriously enough. I want to float on a raft, maybe reading a book and definitely drinking wine.

2. Nintendo Switch

I'm aware this one seems lame by most standards, but I don't buy new consoles with any regularity. I am currently rocking a Super Nintendo. I'm a casual gamer, so I don't think I need the newest XBox or Playstation, but it would be fun to have something from this decade and century.

3. A Movie Studio

I would love to produce movies, and nearly $2 billion could finance a lot of movies. There's also a book series that I love that I would find out if I could option, and if not, I would buy my way onto the production team. It's a dream of mine that I would love to make come true.

4. An Apartment Complex

This is another little passion project. I want to create housing for low- and no-income individual and families. I want to offer programs to help the people living in the apartment learn skills to become employable in in-demand fields (and it would be a requirement for anyone getting free rent). It would be my charitable endeavor that I believe all billionaires need to undertake.

5. I would buy LiveJournal back from Russia

It's not that I even care that much that LiveJournal is Russian now, except for all the Russian porn ads when I'm reading "30 Rock" fanfic, but the very first blog I ever had as a teenager was on LiveJournal. I reconnected with my childhood best friend because we both had LiveJournals. LiveJournal is an important part of my Millennial identity and I want to own it.

What about you? What are some things that you would do if you had $1.6 billion? Let me know in the comments!


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