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Sunday, November 25, 2018

How True is the Target Meme?

We've all seen the meme. It's super relatable. No matter what you go into Target for, you leave with half the store.

But, how true is the meme, really?

Very true, actually. According to Refinery 29, it's called The Target Effect, and apparently, Target is really, really good at cross-selling you items. The store is designed to be a trap.

But I beat the system. I went to Target, and I bought only one thing.

It was toilet paper, and I feel like I graduated adulting school.

I walked around the entire store, because it's Target. If you don't browse, you risk raising people's alarm - especially if you act rushed. I passed a ton of things I really wanted - like the Hasbro parody games Sorry, Not Sorry; Clue: Lost in Las Vegas Edition; and Botched Operation. I passed books, I passed movies, I passed planners and pens... Then, finally, I selected the toilet paper of my needs, passed the planners again - home office is right across from the toilet paper - and then I checked out and left with just toilet paper.

Target is out to get your money, but it can be beaten with a lot of discipline, and also remembering how many times you've already maxed out your Red card. You only need to do it twice before you really commit to being more careful.

What is the least amount of items you've left Target with? Do you relate to the Target meme, or is it just silly to you? Let me know!

Also, let me share with you this article about funny Target memes, for you to browse if you want.


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