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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Let's Make Blogging Great Again

Y'all get two posts today! Why? Because I've planned all my posts until December 4, and I don't want to wait that long to talk about this. So, bonus content!

So, if you pay attention to anything on my blog, I do have a blog list, where I share blogs I like. Right now it has three blogs, even though I'm about to add a couple more to it based on the reasons I'm writing this entry. One of these blogs is The Blogess, who recently posted an entry called "Calling All Bloggers." I felt like I qualified for this call, as I am a blogger, and I am so very pleased that I did. Jenny Lawson, who is the genius behind The Blogess, shared her friend Asha Dornfest's own blog entry encouraging bloggers to form a community again. Jenny then urged bloggers, new and old, to start blogging and share links.

And the thing is, in the blogging community, you don't just share a link. You read other links. And there were at least 50. I know this, because that's how many tabs were open on my phone. But I gave them all a try, and there were some I dug enough that I'm going to add it to my list.

I miss reading other blogs. I don't like that many blogs these days, because they feel less like conversations and more like someone is talking at me. And if my entries feel like that to you at all, please, please let me know. This was always supposed to be a conversation.

I'm not just saying this for this entry, but for every entry - please feel free to share your links with me. I will at least check it out. If I really like it, I'll even add it to my blog list. I actually have an entry planned later in December where I am going to talk about blogs I really used to like back in the day. In fact, it is planned for December 14, for a reason that will be revealed on December 14. Remember, I started blogging on LiveJournal in 2002. It was how we did social media before MySpace. And I really do want that back.

What blogs are you guys reading? Do you have blogs? Let me know! I promise that I will check it out.


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