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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Millennial Murder Files: Sex and Dating

This one is not getting a cover image.

I have a Google alert set for "millennials killed." It lets me know what I'm going to be blamed for by Boomers on Facebook. Very recently, two very related topics landed in my inbox.

Millennials have murdered sex and dating.

I mean, I don't know how that's inherently true - we already have kids. Generation Alpha. But let's get into this.

So there is a survey Tinder did that apparently says Millennials date less, but I'm not paying USA Today $10 for that link. Like, no, I get you should pay for news, but USA Today is literally a newspaper that comes inside another newspaper. But I did find another article that kind of makes my argument for me. Millennials did not kill traditional dating. We're just making it sweat.

But what about sex? From my point of view, Millennials absolutely did not kill that. American Pie is a Millennial movie - even though all the actors are Gen X.  Well, according to one article I found, Tinder could be to blame. People are just swiping past pictures they don't like, according to this article. I'm going to say no on that. I swipe past people who don't have profiles, admit they're only in it for a hookup, or live too far away. I'm willing to look past looks.

But let's say Tinder is to blame for both things. They made hook-ups so easy, people don't need to date, but since they're picture based, some people are getting left out on the whole sex thing. Tinder is not a Millennial. It is a company. A corporation ruined dating and sex, not Millennials.

But, again, we are actually having children, so saying both things are dead is quite inaccurate.


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