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Friday, November 16, 2018

Millennial Spotlight: Pete Davidson

I made my first ever infographic for Pete Davidson. It's the worst, but I wanted to try something. Everyone's first try at everything sucks.

Anyway, it is Pete Davidson's birthday and I decided to make him the subject of my first Millennial Spotlight! A Millennial Spotlight is when I choose a Millennial and discuss what positivity they're putting out into the universe, and Pete Davidson is low-key one of my personal heroes. Bad things have just happened to Pete Davidson from a young age and he suffers from mental health problems, but he can get into the public eye with a smile on his face and make people laugh. Just knowing someone as strong as Pete Davidson is in the world makes me want to try harder as a person.

Pete Davidson is the third youngest ever cast member on SNL. He joined the cast when he was 20. Eddie Murphy joined the cast of SNL at 19, and Anthony Michael Hall joined the cast at 17. However, Pete Davidson is the second youngest cast member if you disqualify those who were already in John Hughes films before joining the cast. He isn't in very many sketches, but he has such wonderful delivery that the ones he does appear in do not fail to make me laugh. He is usually on Weekend Update as himself delivering some commentary that makes you wonder if someone can simply be too talented for Saturday Night Live.

Also, he once got a death threat from a newspaper. That is one hundred percent true. He was 23 at the time, which I think has to make him the youngest person to ever receive a 1930s mobster threat from a newspaper.

So, my favorite Pete Davidson sketch is Posters. It's in the infographic. But one of my other favorite moments he had was in a Californians sketch:

I mean, he's really from Staten Island, but as an actual Californian, I'm glad someone called them out on those accents! We do actually talk about the traffic all the time, but not like that.

Even though he's had a rough year - a rough life, really - Pete Davidson makes so many other people happy that I just really want him to be happy, too. He deserves it.

If nothing else, I hope he at least has a happy birthday.


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