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Friday, November 30, 2018

Podcast Plans

I was going to write another update about my MOOC progress, but the third class didn't really offer enough variety for me to write anything original. But I decided to talk about what I did decide I want to do, podcast-wise. This isn't a commitment, it's just an idea I'm throwing around.

I want to do a video podcast where I drink coffee and talk about unsolved mysteries. I grew up with true crime, but I don't really have a want to do a full on committed investigation. I just want to be, "this is the evidence that exists, this is the stuff people have contributed, these are some possible conclusions." I want to inspire the real investigators. The coffee is an important part of it. I'm no Robert Stack. I want it to be a casual conversation. I want to figure out potential guests who can also contribute research to the conversation. I already have thought of a few mysteries I want to delve into.

I just don't have any guests to start with because I don't know anyone who wants to be a part of a podcast for any reason, and I don't know how into it people would be. It makes me nervous.

Also, tomorrow I'm doing Twitter accounts to follow in December, but I also have to go to the DMV, so it might be late. Like, two entries on Sunday late. You know how DMVs can be.

Anyway, would you be into casual conversation about unsolved mysteries? Do you drink coffee? Let me know!


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