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Friday, November 23, 2018

Verizon sponsored hashtag, doesn't realize Americans are awful

Bonus entry today because I just noticed a thing on Twitter that I need to talk about right now.

Verizon's marketing department is trusting.
You know a marketing team thought of this.

Verizon sponsored the hashtag #blackfriday. Now, I'm sure this made absolute sense to the phone company, as they were using the hashtag to promote the Android phone deals they had Black Friday only.

But what they absolutely did not count on is that Americans are awful. There is a website to track how awful we are to each other this time of the year.

And Twitter users were using the hashtag to remind people that we should not be trusted with any shopping holiday.

For example, one Twitter user likened Black Friday shoppers to Rocky Balboa, and that's pretty much as tame as it gets.

No one is taking Rocky Balboa's TV.
Adrian! It was a steal!

One Twitter user posted a video of two women fighting on the floor of a store. There's no way to verify that this is Black Friday related, but it's not unreasonable to believe that it is.

Women literally fighting in the aisle of a store.
What are they even fighting over?

And yet another Twitter user uploaded a picture of the standard Black Friday stampede.

Wait, is that a dog?
I just now noticed there's a dog in this.

Black Friday is one of the most violent days of the year, and I don't know that Verizon meant to associate their brand with a hashtag that showcases that. Brands need to be very careful with the hashtags they choose to promote - especially since anyone can use a hashtag for any reason. In fact, right now I checked the hashtag #blackfridaydeals, and it is a lot less violent. A little trashy, but definitely more brand friendly than two women fighting in the aisle of a store.

Let's hope they learn their lesson this year and they take a different approach next year.


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