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Thursday, November 15, 2018

What I'm Watching In November

When I was a kid, I wasn't that picky with what I watched on television - if it was on, I could suffer through anything. As a busy adult, I have to be a little bit more focused with my time, so I can only watch shows that I actually like.

These are the shows that I'm making time for in November.

1. The Good Place

The Good Place might seem like a total no-brainer, but I didn't watch this show at all until this past summer. I was afraid it was overhyped, but after binging the entire first season in one night I learned it was hyped exactly right. I relate to Janet in ways I have never related to any character on television, ever. I now watch it live on Thursday nights. If you want to watch past episodes, the first two seasons are on Netflix, and you can watch the last five of the current season on Hulu.

2. The Conners

Basically, Roseanne without Roseanne, and you know what - I like it just fine. I really only ever watched the show for John Goodman and Sara Gilbert, and they continue to deliver. I don't feel like the show has lost much of anything, in terms of being a blue collar Illinois family or humor. You can watch latest episodes on Hulu.

3. The Simpsons

I'm still watching The Simpsons. No regrets. Sure, it isn't as great as it was in the early seasons, but I have a theory on that. See, when I was 6, I could relate to Lisa and Bart's kid antics, and as I got older, I started to relate to Homer and Marge. So when I watched older episodes, I had a new level of appreciation plus the nostalgia of growing up with them, but with newer episodes, I have a harder time relating to Bart and Lisa because I don't age backwards. Not to say that I can never relate to them - "Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou" replaced "Lisa's First Word" as my favorite episode because I only have little brothers, so I really related to Bart wanting a brother because I always wanted a sister. And even in season 30, I find myself liking episodes. Every episode of The Simpsons ever is available on Simpsons World.

4. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

I like getting my news from various sources, and John Oliver is definitely one of them. Weekly, John Oliver goes in depth on one topic and uses humor to expand his audience's knowledge. It's approachable, fun, and also serious. Pretty lengthy clips can be found on YouTube, but full episodes are on HBO Go and HBO Now.

5. Murphy Brown

I'm a sucker for reboots. This is the only show on the list I don't watch live - because when I was a kid, it came on Mondays and I still expect it to be on on Mondays. It comes on on Thursdays and episodes fill my DVR. But I like the new show. It still makes me laugh and think, and Avery Brown is a snack. But it is the one show on the list I'm also pretty sure won't be back next season - through no fault of its own. Murphy Brown should come on Mondays!

What shows are you watching? What would you recommend? Let me know!


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