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Monday, November 19, 2018

Why I Think Punky Brewster Needs an Update

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So, this was supposed to be part of a series where the first part didn't happen because I got drunk and decided to talk about Monopoly for Millennials instead. These things happen. The second part did happen, where I discussed why Dinosaurs should never, ever be rebooted ever.

This is part three, where I discuss the one series I'm honestly surprised never has had its reboot: Punky Brewster.

I don't need Punky Brewster needs a full series, for one of the same reasons I think Dinosaurs should never be rebooted - the audience isn't there. But it is definitely deserving of a movie or limited series because of other qualifying criteria.

First of all, Punky Brewster had such an interesting backstory and such a disappointing ending, my mother who hates Punky Brewster demanded more answers. For those of you who don't know, Punky Brewster was about titular character Punky Brewster, an eight-year-old whose mother abandoned her and her puppy Brandon in a Chicago shopping center. Punky and Brandon then squatted in an apartment, where Cherie Johnson gave her food. Punky was then discovered by apartment manager, photographer, and cantankerous old man Henry Warnimont. Eventually, Henry takes Punky in and they become a family. The show then becomes a more traditional sitcom, with the fact that Punky was abandoned by her mother occasionally being worked in.

The question my mom had was what happened to Susan Brewster? In the 80s, it makes sense they never found an answer. It's 2018. By now, there's been an investigative podcast by somebody who heard Punky's story. There's at least clues, if not actual answers.

But I have a much more important question - what is Punky's life like now? The champion of eternal optimism had very tragic things happen to her as a child. How does that affect her as an adult? What is her family life like now?

But somewhere between my mom's question and my question is the actual nugget of plot that would make a Punky Brewster reboot inherently interesting: how would finding Susan Brewster now affect a now adult Punky? What would transpire? Could Punky at least get closure? Because our girl Punky does at least deserve that - closure.

Of every reboot that's out there, I just feel like a Punky Brewster reboot has the most potential. Hollywood - just think about it.


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  1. OMG - I loved this show. I couldn't remember the backstory, so thanks for the refresher. I just remember thinking she was such a cute kid. I knew she was essentially an orphan. A reboot would be interesting. Ha!