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Monday, November 26, 2018

Why is Cyber Monday Better than Black Friday

Okay, so Cyber Monday is meaningless and Black Friday is dying, but there is still a very important reason that Cyber Monday is better.

Less people die.

Since its inception, I've checked out the Black Friday Death Count, because people are insane. The first death counted didn't happen until 2008, but quite a few people have also been injured in Black Friday incidents. A few have happened where I live. It's scary dangerous. In fact, this year there were three shootings and a stabbing.

Meanwhile, Cyber Monday Death Count, which is not affiliated with the Black Friday Death Count, reminds us that there have been 0 deaths and 0 injuries related to Cyber Monday deals.

Deals online are just as good. It's not worth your life to get a discount TV. Participate in Cyber Monday.


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