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Sunday, December 2, 2018

My First Christmas without a Toys R Us Guide

I am a Toys R Us kid, to this day, even without them here. In fact, when it was announced that Toys R Us might possibly be coming back, my dad and my best friend both individually shared the news with me. I ugly cried when I heard they were closing their doors, and I bitched for two months that my Toys R Us credit card was being replaced with something ugly compared to the fun, whimsical card I loved.

And even now I'm ugly crying a little. I miss Toys R Us. Any time I felt like I hated being an adult, I'd visit Toys R Us and remember that nobody could tell me I could only get one thing now. Then I'd buy way too many toys.

So this is the first Christmas in my 35 years that I don't have a Toys R Us, nor a Toys R Us guide, and it's breaking my little tiny heart. First of all, I have a two year old nephew. What, am I supposed to buy his presents on Amazon? I can't play with them first if they're on Amazon! And then Target seems to only have toys for kids less than 18 months or older than 3. My poor little nephew is getting left out.

But, it's also for me, too. I don't like it when it gets dark early. It makes me tired and sad. I relied on Toys R Us a lot this time of year. Playing with all the toys in the store, and then buying them and taking them home and playing with them. I don't feel right buying toys for myself at Target. Like, you shouldn't buy your toys in the same place that you buy your wine. That's just an extra level of sad.

Were you a Toys R Us kid? Do you miss it? Did you know Steve Urkel actor Jaleel White was in a Toys R Us ad in 1982? Let me know in the comments!


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