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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Why Does the Media Lie?

Tomorrow, I will tell you all about Fuller House and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Christmas episode. I haven't seen Sabrina yet, and McKenna Grace is why I want to talk about both together.

But today I woke up particularly pissed off at the media, and they didn't even do anything today.

But I've been mad at them since February 2017. We have journalists out there literally dying to report the truth, a President who says that reporters are the enemy and spreads propaganda about fake news.

Then we have Ben Fritz, and other reporters of major news outlets that want so badly to paint YouTubers in a bad light that they deliberately misreport information and only tell half of the story.

I would love for those assholes to have to switch places with the reporters that lost their lives to make sure the people knew the truth.

I love PewDiePie. I don't love everything he does, but he's funny and he is incredibly genuine.

But he is a very easy target for the media, especially since he publishes his own lapses in judgement to the Internet.

But you can never kill PewDiePie.
This is what an obsession looks like.

So this whole saga began in 2017, when "Wall Street Journal" wrote not one, not two, but four articles to drag PewDiePie's image through the mud. Mind you, some of these articles were written after they had already succeeded in getting Disney and YouTube to cut ties with the creator, and one of them was written to defend themselves after Felix had called them out for deliberately misreporting information in one of his videos.

This is a screenshot from 2017, and I'm not going back behind the paywall, but one thing that really stood out back then that they never retracted or corrected is that they called PewDiePie out for showcasing a swastika that was made in his mobile game TuberSimulator, but never explained that he did it to tell players to stop doing that.

What is even sadder is after that, it was brought up that Ben Fritz was a hypocrite because he made some very racist and anti-Semitic Tweets between 2009 and 2015, nothing ever happened to him. Not even when "The Daily Stormer" claimed that PewDiePie was a social justice warrior attacking poor Ben Fritz:

Wall Street Journal still didn't care though.
I absolutely refused to click on that article.
The damage against PewDiePie was done, however. He can't so much as blink the wrong way without media standing up to paint him as a Neo-Nazi, usually over mistakes.

But what's even more infuriating is how one sided these articles are. Nobody wants to admit Felix does any good. In fact, I did a Google news search to see which major media outlets stepped up to talk about PewDiePie raising roughly $200,000 for Child Rights and You, an Indian charity to stop child labor in India.

Metro. End of list. The rest were all blogs, many of which specialize in YouTube related news.

And I took to Google to see who had the balls to see who reported it when PewDiePie was one of the YouTubers that called out the Better Help scandal. The only article I found even mentioning the Better Help scandal was from The Atlantic.

Having an agenda is not reporting the news. Only telling half of the truth is not the news. Misconstruing facts for clicks is not the news.

It's not even ethical. Reporters have a responsibility to ask who are they hurting and who are they benefiting by reporting a story. Only the people writing the articles are benefiting from spreading misinformation about PewDiePie, but they are hurting new media as a whole with these articles.

We live in a world where the media's credibility is being called into question from the very top. It's so frustrating and dumb that there are reporters out there giving people a reason to doubt that anyone is reporting the truth - especially when it comes to YouTube videos. It takes less than 15 minutes for anyone to independently fact check, so reporters need to be especially careful.

Has PewDiePie shown bad judgment? Yeah. Was it intentional? Not really, and the times it was, he didn't fully understand what it was he was promoting. Is he a bad person? No.

Ben Fritz, however, is still working for the Wall Street Journal and is currently pimping a book, so you know... justice.


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